Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to convert a SIM into a MicroSIM

Until a few days ago, all my mobile phones were capable of hosting an ordinary SIM card in their belly. And since I'm talking about 5 years old technology residing in my pocket, it was the time for a change and get some new hardware. As I didn't really follow the recent developments of telephony (5 years are, indeed, a long time span if you compare it with the way shorter characteristic time in Moore's law), I came to know that my future Android mobile will only be able to swallow MicroSIM cards.

So how can I put a SIM card into my new masterpiece of technology right away? After consulting Mr Google for a few advices, two possible solutions popped out: either your phone company will be happy to replace your SIM with an MicroSIM (or a NanoSIM. Yes, there are NanoSIM as well if you, like me, didn't even know about the existence of MicroSIM), or ... wait for it ... you can make your own MicroSIM out of your old SIM!